01 October 2010

Thank you!

Assalamualaikum. What busy week we had but we managed to entertain our precious customers. Purchased items have been posted and must have reached the buyers by now. Thank you for your purchase during this promotional week. Overwhelming response are beyond expectation! Alhamdulillah and thank you so much!

The hijabs are selling fast. 60 meters of each color consistently sold in just one week! Highly demanded colors are mostly sold out but fret not as restocking is in work progress, so stay tuned for your favorite colors.

Your satisfaction is the greatest recognition we could have, so we hope that you will inform us if there is ever anything we can do to improve our product. Also, will greatly appreciate if you could upload your photo wearing Ilsya Hijab in Fan Photos Album.

Thank you again!

Much love,
Ilsya Hijab.